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digikam (0.10.0-rc1), kipi-plugins (0.2.0-rc1) & kmldonkey (2.0.5) for Intrepid KDE 4.2

28.01.09 (Kubuntu, Software)

If you’re using kubuntu-experimental PPA for to install KDE 4.2 in Intrepid, you’ll notice that digikam will be removed! Therefor I packaged and uploaded it to my PPA: —> Launchpad MMS-Prodeia Have Phun!

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Ubuntu repository for MMS & CXFE changed!

28.01.09 (MMS)

For all of you using my repositoriy for easy installation of MMS: I moved over the *buntu packages to Launchpad’s PPA. This ease building, reduces bandwidth and saves time, time, time 😉 More info can be found here: —> Launchpad MMS-Prodeia Additionaly we now have packages for I386 and AMD64 😉

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